CZ Diamond Jewelry

What's the Difference Between Cz Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?"

Diamonds have long been marketed as a girl’s best friend, and it’s true that a dazzling diamond can be the perfect complement to any outfit, occasion or mood.  But in recent years, diamonds have suffered from some serious reputation problems, from allegations of artificially high pricing to the concerns about the practices and politics that surround the diamond industry.  This has led many consumers to choose alternate gemstones in place of diamonds, despite the unique beauty and appeal of a dazzling diamond.
Fortunately, there are now excellent alternatives that make it easy to enjoy all the magic of a diamond without the high price tag or concerns about its origins.  Cubic zirconia are gaining popularity for use in jewelry.  
To the naked eye, the differences are imperceptible; generally the differences can only be found by powerful equipment in a gem-testing laboratory.  
Cz diamonds can be created to mimic just about every form of naturally-occuring diamond,  including colorless, yellow and chocolate, and can be created in a broad spectrum of sizes, with the most popular ranging between ½ and 3 carats.
Used in jewelry, cz diamonds are practically indistinguishable from natural diamonds without the use of specialized equipment.  They provide the same dazzle, glitter and shine, but at a fraction of the price.  Whether you’re looking for a culturally conscious alternative to diamonds or simply want to enjoy their beauty without the exorbitant price tag, Cz diamonds are an excellent choice.

Let High Fashion Dangle from Your Ears, Wrists, & Neck

Faux Diamond Jewelry You Can Wear Everyday

Do you have the perfect ensemble, but are missing the beautiful jewelry that would make you look irresistible? Complete your outfit for any occasion with imitation diamond jewelry from our online store. The Treasured Accessory has everything from stackable rings and earrings to necklaces and bangles in order to help you be the center of attention at any occasion. With our imitation diamond jewelry, looking your best won't have to include emptying your wallet! Contact us today for more details about our entire selection of imitation diamond jewelry.


Our earrings are plated in rhodium or yellow gold and feature magnificent designs with real gemstones. Created with high end cubic zircon stones, our earrings are available for all ages. You can purchase studs, short or long earrings, simple designs, skinny hoops, or formal earrings to match your needs. No matter which set you choose, you can expect it to come in an organza pouch for its protection.


As with our earrings, all of our necklace purchases are sent in an organza pouch for protection. Whether you're looking for 16" to 60" chains, necklaces in gold or rhodium, or pendants, you can be sure that your purchase will meet and exceed your accessorizing needs.   

Stackable Rings

Bring attention to your fingers with rhodium plated or gold stackable rings from our online store. Each ring features faux gemstones and lab-created diamonds for a sparkling finish that looks great with any outfit.

Hoop Earrings

Dangle beauty from your ears with every size and style of hoop earrings from our online store. From super skinny to thick pads, all of our hoop designs are of the highest quality and feature interior and exterior gemstones and imitation diamonds.

Bangles & Bracelets

Choose from our excellent selection of bangles and bracelets for elegant and spectacular imitation diamond jewelry for your wrists. Each piece is made with real premium-cut gemstones or classic enamel for a look you can't pass up.

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